The plant was founded in 1990 by the employees of the Metal Forming Institute.

Up to this day, it has been cooperating with the Metal Forming Institute as THE METAL FORMING INSTITUTE – EQUIPMENT PLANT.

At the beginning of its activity, the plant dealt mainly with widely understood regeneration of machine parts and spare parts for bone remover in particular.
As the company was developing and gaining experience, the new Bone Remover was designed in the Equipment Plant. Moreover, knowledge gained while working on the new machine made it possible for the company to offer the manufacturing of new spare parts for all types of bone removers, as well as to carry out their major overhauls.
The Equipment Plant also functions as a usual tool magazine and the machinery it has allow to carry out orders for tools necessary in metal forming and cutting, forms for plastic founding and processing, as well as  the production of whole machines.

The constant cooperation with the Metal Forming Institute, one of the leading research institutes in Poland, guarantees very high quality and technological level of our products.

 Some of OUR CUSTOMERS are:

  • Metal forming

    – turning, milling, grinding;

  • Designing and execution

    of tools and machines for metal processing, plastic processing and founding, as well as special cutting tools – we make atypical orders upon the agreement;

  • Production of steel elements

    acid-resistant and stainless – austenitic, ferritic and maraging;

Bone remover


Bone remover is used to separate remaining meat from bones of carcasses or portions of gallinaceous and water poultry. This machine can also be used to separate meat tissue of small parts of pork carcass such as shoulder or spareribs.


  • High quality of bone free mass (according to the Polish and foreign norms)
  • Easy access for washing all parts remaining in contact with the product
  • One-man operation
  • Easy installation of the machine on any flat surface
  • Long-term and trouble-free work


Type of the main raw material processed Carcasses and portions of gallinaceous and water poultry
Efficiency 750 kg/hour
Power supply 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz or other, to be agreed with the customer

  • Power
  • Revolutions
  • Revolution reduction
11 kW
1440 rev./min.
Belt drive and double level revolution reducer
Dimensions (in mm)

  • length
  • width
  • height


Zakład Urządzeń Innowacyjnego Oprzyrządowania

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