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About Us


In the early stages of its operation, the plant primarily focused on the comprehensive regeneration of machine parts, with particular emphasis on parts for deboning machines.

As the company developed and gained experience, the Innovative Tooling Equipment Plant designed and manufactured a new deboning machine. Moreover, the knowledge acquired during the work on the new device enabled the company to offer the production of new spare parts for all types of deboning machines, as well as perform major overhauls of these machines.

ZUINOP functions as a classic tool shop, and the available machinery allows for the production of tools for all types of machines and equipment:

  • parts for punch presses, dies (stamps, knives, plates, dies, etc.)
  • cold forging dies
  • hot forging dies
  • pin connections (pins for construction machinery, bronze bushings, steel bushings, etc.)
  • and many other parts and machine components that are too numerous to list.